Early Morning Walk


The sun was shining this morning so we headed out to look for critters at a close by wetland area. We didn’t have much luck. I’m not sure if it is because it’s so cold or if we scared everything away as we walked up to the bridge.

I learned something with all this weather we’ve been having. You can’t sneak up on wildlife at all…. crunch…crunch..7B331BD6-22DB-4DC8-BFEC-6115DEE21FDD



We saw this one egret, and it was quite a distance from me.





Later today we will be going out to the dam about 10 miles from our house. My parents say there are always bald eagles and herons out there. Crossing my fingers!


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  1. We have a bald eagle up in our cottonwood trees and Hungarian partridge hunkered in the snow by our evergreens in the front yard. God bless the wildlife! When we can’t get to them, they come to us. ❤️👍🏽

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