Our 1st Anniversary

It’s been quite the year with our little blog. I remember a year ago Ryan and I weren’t really sure how to even sign up for a blog, let alone write a post. But it sounded like something fun to try, and here we are.

My blog started out as a wildlife photography blog and since then has become a combination of rv life, photography, family and books. Hitting on all my favorite things!B6C57040-E6D1-407A-AB37-6AF693A651E7.jpeg

Some of my first few posts were pretty different. I’d like to think I’ve improved, but either way, I’ve found a comfortable voice for me and I truly love blogging and the community of people around me.

I remember Ryan and I used to add a joke in each of our first several posts. They were awful jokes looking back. Then we ran out of jokes. It was probably for the best. Lol

As entertaining and rewarding as it is to have a blog, I’m sure you will all agree, it’s a lot of work and extremely time consuming! 😳No matter what we are doing my mind is always open to writing a post about it. I have written over 600 posts in this posts year, taken thousands of pictures and read hundreds of books for review. And even though Ryan’s voice isn’t heard much on my blog, he has edited all 600, helped with many topics and been patient while I am on WordPress.078A22D5-BD50-434A-9CD1-6142DCFBAC6D

I’ve had months where I’ve scheduled lots of posts ahead of time, feeling like I’ve really found my rhythm, and then life would interfere and I’d miss days at a time. I’ve had some really successful posts(for me), and not so great ones. My most popular ones were not because of my writing, they were the vacation posts where we’ve photographed whales, foxes or elk…  that’s ok, Just means I need to go on more vacations! 🤩

I was hoping to get to 2000 followers in my first year but I am just short of that, at 1920, and our Twitter is 12k. Combined with Facebook we reach about 14k. I’m so thankful for all of you!

So to all our followers and especially those of you that actually read my post, thank you so much for all your support!



I’ll end with some of my favorite pictures I’ve posted this year…

Thanks so much for being apart of our blog!


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    • Awe… thanks so much Julia! I always love reading your book reviews! Your an amazing writer! 😁

    • Awe… thank you Kimberly, that is really sweet! I always look forward to your posts and our conversations! 🤗🤗

  1. When I first started my blog December 2015, I wasn’t interested in starting a blog. It took a number of years of family and friends to convince. Then December 2015- I ended up starting my blog- I was hooked from the first post- my blog is a slow-growing blog, but each year, my blog gets more and more successful, I noticed.

    • That’s great! I’m so glad I found your blog! I love reading your posts and getting your thoughts on musicals. 😊 Feel free to leave your link for others to find you!

      • My blog is my main outlet for musicals- it is hard to find people around my age to even found those who love musicals- so at least I have a place to talk about my love for them

      • Absolutely! That’s how I feel with what I am passionate about… camping, photography and reading! It’s a place where I can share all the things I love!
        Maybe one day I will have a small musical collection like you do! That would be awesome!

      • I love my collection of playbills- they are stored in a box right now- a non-musical fanatic will say that box is just a box of paper “why would that be important”. That box is not just a box- those playbills are important- it is basically highlights memories and shows the actors. A special part of the collection.

      • For sure! I would too! I only have one playbill but hope to have 2 by the end of summer! Lol

      • Nothing wrong with that! It’s still growing! I know I’m a new follower! 👍🏻😊

      • Ya I did that for my own personal goals. Sometimes we just need to change our measurement for success. For me personally I feel like just sticking with it for the past year has been a success on its own!

    • Right on… it’s been fun don’t you think? I feel like I’ve learned so much from other bloggers this past year! 🤗🤗

  2. Wow! 600 in a year? I just reached 500 and thought that was quite a feat. I started my blog in 2012! You are beautifully prolific, Lana. I love your words, activities, sharing, and beautiful photos. Thank you for your dedication. And thanks to Ryan, the behind-the-scenes stalwart! ❤️👍🏽

    • Awe… thanks Jan! You’ve been blogging for a long time! That’s quite an accomplishment! Thanks for being so supportive! I love reading your posts and comments! 🤗🤗

    • Awe… thank you for saying that! I love your support! I feel the same for your blog as well! 😁When did you start yours?

    • Thank you! I sure hope many more! And many for you too! This was also in my spam folder. I’m not sure why? The spam folder is such a pain!🤨

  3. Hope you realise how awesome this is!
    I’m actually a little j(ealous). How’d you do it?
    I love the pictures best of all.
    Keep blogging! Enjoy every moment. You’re so worth it….

    • Thank you! And right on… congrats to you as well! Lots to learn the first year with a blog don’t you think.

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