Still Blue Sky…

I am so ready to have my camera out again! Despite the cold, we have spent a good deal of the weekend outside packing my camera and iPad in search of those pelicans!

We first got out to the lake around 10:30, and the pelicans were still in the same pond feeding in the group again!! Then my camera died! 😳Someone forgot to charge it. So we headed back home to charge up and by the time we returned after lunch they were nowhere to be found.



One interesting thing about these white pelicans, the tips of their wings are all black. So strikingly! 

We took the loop around Fern Ridge Reservoir. And stopped for a hike from the east side of the lake. This is another great place to spot wildlife. I’d love to get a pair of kayaks someday and drop in here. This is only about 3 miles from home.


Jayden was a trooper. He was REALLY mad at me for taking this walk. He said, “I don’t do walks!” Joey was lucky, we let him stay home with his friend. 


We didn’t see anything to spectacular. But just being able to see the blue sky again felt good. I really needed that! It makes me so excited for spring, summer and early fall!



Thanks for stopping by! I hope you were able to get outside a bit this weekend too! I’ve been so busy outside and blogging I haven’t read anything. What about you?



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  1. Too cold to go out this weekend. Too cold for the pelicans to come our way, so they detoured to your spot! Lucky you. Aren’t they beautiful? Great shots!!

    • That’s a great question. I am so ready for spring too and I just saw that we might be getting more snow Wednesday! 🥶😩 lol no fun! I want sunny warm days!!

      • Me too! We are expecting another arctic blast today and tomorrow with snow. I never complain about winter, but enough is enough already! 😂 Have a good week, Lana.

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