Sunday Photography


There wasn’t a cloud in the sky Saturday.


This may be my favorite heron shot I’ve taken! ❤️



A Northern Shoveler Duck.





Thanks for stopping by! How did you spend your Saturday?



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    • Oh wow! Balto is one of my favorite children’s movies. I love the story of the iditarod races! I look definitely forward to that!😄

    • Thank you! It’s a Canon Rebel T6. I’m still figuring it out, but I’m getting the hang of it. I think it was around $400. Not too pricey as far as cameras go and it came with 2 zoom lenses.

      • You’re welcome and that’s not bad at all! Canon and Nikon seem to be the cameras of choice.

      • My mother has a new Nikon and it has a stronger zoom than mine but doesn’t require extra lenses. I’m not sure the model, but I would really recommend that one. But I think hers was more like $600-$700. 👍🏻

      • I’m loving the sun being out, but I went back to look for the pelicans again today and they were gone. Darn it!

      • They’re a blessing to see! It’s one of my favorite things to do at the beach is look at all the coastal wildlife. I particularly like the Wilson’s Snipe. It’s a coastal bird that comes pretty far inland. Interesting little birds with weird flight sounds and call.

      • I don’t know that particular one. I love taking a picture of a bird and then going home to try to identify it. I’m getting a little better at recognizing them.

      • I do the same! I’ve found a woodpecker that will feed in the ground, they’re called Flickers. And there’s a mustard yellow bird I’ve seen a few times I’m trying to find..

      • So fun! I’m horrible with bird calls though. I know the red winged black bird and the chickadee.

      • I know some. And I’m getting a little better… I’ve always wanted to see a red winged black bird! And a Sandhill Crane. I remember reading about them in an encyclopedia as a kid and they talked about a dance they did and it reminded me of Native American dances. So I always wanted to see it for myself…

      • We have the red winged black birds here everywhere… I love em! I’m not familiar with a Sandhill Crane.

      • I’ve heard they were Midwestish to east coast. Unfortunately never seen them.

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