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Author: Gillian McDunn6A4F5F5D-9F76-472A-9AB3-06F0EB313C27.png

Genre: middle grade

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Pub Date: April 2, 2019

Rating: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️


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My Review

I really enjoyed this story about family and forgiveness. Cat is always taking care of her younger brother Chicken, for their mom and it’s not easy. Chicken is autistic and that make him a bit more challenging for most people. He gets upset easily and has a tendency to run off in public places. But his sister Cat is the most responsible older sister, and she does a great job looking out for him. The only problem is, she is always responsible for him. I really fell in love with Caterpillar!
When plans change unexpectedly the two siblings end up at their grandparents for a few weeks during summer break in North Carolina. This sounds great, but they’ve never even met them before. At first it’s uncomfortable and awkward, but over time a relationship is formed and the kids fall in love with the island and their newly discovered grandparents. Cat even gets to be a kid again, as she learn to fish with her grandpa for a fishing contest coming up.
Having a son with special needs myself, I was able to relate to this touching story. I just loved it!! Such a feel good middle grade story! I highly recommend it!

Thank you to Bloomsbury and NetGalley for this advanced copy!

About The Author

Gillian McDunn has lived in California, Missouri, and North Carolina, and is a fan of both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. Like Cat, Gillian grew up as the big sister to a younger brother with special needs. She lives near Raleigh, NC, with her family. This is her first book.


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  1. Sounds like a great read. In a previous existence I was the SEN coordinator for an inner city high school in northern England and as such I am so pleased to see autism being acknowledged as an every day experience for families and children. So many kids are like Cat and act as unofficial carers giving fantastic support for their siblings with special needs. This book should be on every school bookshelf!! Many thanks for the review.

    • I completely agree with you! 😊My son has a support person and is in an inclusive classroom of about 10 kids with 5 teachers. We have lots of support and I am so grateful, ultimately it all helps Jayden to like himself and be a confident kiddo!
      In the book Chicken is obsessed with sharks. My son has been obsessed with Godzilla and dragons for the last 4 years. I know there are lots of children just like them! Thanks for sharing that with me!!😁

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