Dr Seuss’ Birthday party! 🥳

Saturday March 2, was Dr Seuss’ birthday. Last week we were going to celebrate with silly activities all week, and then it snowed us all in. 😳 So we postponed it for this week. Today we kicked the week off with a pajama party, baking cupcakes and Fox in Socks crafts.


This one is sure a tongue twister…🤪



Lunch for today was green eggs and ham. I was pleasantly surprised that everyone enjoyed the green eggs(even Joe)! We read Green Eggs and Ham along with lunch.

Some Fun Dr Seuss Facts

  • Seuss wasn’t ever a Dr. but added the title since his father had wanted him to be a Dr.
  • He wrote 44 children’s books during his lifetime.
  • He was born March 2, 1904 in Springfield Massachusetts.
  • He a won a $50 bet with his publisher for writing Green Eggs and Ham with only 50 words.
  • His father had a successful brewery until prohibition, then ran a local zoo where Dr Seuss fell I love with drawing the animals he’d see when visiting.
  • Voted “least likely to succeed” at Dartmouth.
  • If I Ran the Zoo is the first place the word “nerd” appeared in books.

We have plans all week

Tomorrow we will be focusing on The Lorax, Wednesday will be Cat in the Hat, Thursday Horton Hears a Who, and Friday is The Grinch! I love it when we have a weekly theme! It makes preschool so much more enjoyable!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Day!


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  1. How absolutely fun!! I had no idea that you teach pre-schoolers. Bob & I teach the pre-k thru 1st graders at our church. I LOVE your pictures of the Seuss activities! Thanks for posting. ❤️👍🏽

    • Thank you! I started a home daycare when my oldest was a year old, he’s 25 now. The last 3 years it has been more of a preschool program that Ryan and I run together! It’s been awesome having Ryan home with me. We also homeschool our 11 yr old Joey. I bet you guys love teaching the Sunday School classes! How fun!

  2. Hey love the excitement around Dr. Seuss and the celebration around his birthday. However curious to know how many individuals know about the racism and stereotypes depicted throughout his works some individuals found out and refused to support his work. I didn’t know but when I found out I was shocked. If your curious to see his illustrations that are extremely racist here is an article

    • Thanks for your comment! No, I didn’t know about that. I will check it out… Thanks for stopping by!😊

    • We are too! I love having fun topics to work with! Tomorrow we will be focusing on Cat in the Hat. On a side note…How is your YouTube channel going?

      • Yes! I agree, love a good theme! Yes, today they had ‘Cat in the Hat’ day and wore stripes. Then tomorrow they’re having, ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ day and will be wearing green. So fun, my daughter is loving it.
        Thank you Lana! It’s going, still trying to balance it all as youtube is a lot of work. And the new YouTube guide lines to monetize are tougher. Eek! Lol But it’s going, I’m so glad I finally got it started and I’m just having fun with it. 😊

      • That’s awesome! I am barely understanding WordPress so I can’t even imagine tackling YouTube. Lol It sounds like it would be really cute!

      • Haha! Oh I know! Technology and new programs can be a bit intimidating. Before I created the channel, I was YouTubing, how to create a YouTube channel, etc. 😳🤣 It worked for the basic how-to’s.

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