Wordless Wednesday, My Mom’s Retirement, Time for CAMPING!




Love you mom! ❤️ So proud of you!


Have a wonderful Wednesday Friends!


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  1. Looks like your Mom had a great retirement party!
    I finally, fully retired just over a year ago and have had a fantastic time. Life without the constraints of work is brilliant.Hopefully, your Mom can look forward to a new and exciting phase in her life.

    • I hope so too! Monday was her last day! I think she is a bit worried she won’t have anything to keep her occupied. But I hope she will just embrace it and get more into her wildlife photography!

      • Well my problem has been that there just isn’t enough time! Can’t think how I managed to fit work in. Of course crochet and camping keeps me busy and catching up with family and friends. So perhaps photography will be your Mom’s hobby…..and of course she also has her family and grandchildren…

      • Exactly! I’ve heard that many times from newly retired. “How did I manage to fit work in?” I hope my mom and dad are that busy for many, many years!

  2. Awesome achievement! Congrats to her!

    No better way to celebrate than to take her camping!!! 👍🏻 😁

  3. I am happy to see that you Mom has retired. We love being retired because we get to spend more time with our grandchildren and out camping with the family. It is good to see you spend time with your parents. I love that our kids come to us to go camping with them because we get to enjoy them so much more then.

    • Absolutely. My parents live in a manufactured home community with my brother. We live in the same community about 10 houses away. My brother and I are very close with our parents! ❤️❤️❤️ it makes me feel good knowing they are close by…

  4. As you know, retirement IS everything it’s cracked up to be! She gets to CHOOSE how she spends each day. Time to enjoy “giving back.” <3

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