Saturday Fun…

We started our morning off with a trip out to search for the pelicans again. Luckily, we spotted a few of them in the same pond.

Most of the snow has melted on the valley floor, just plow piles left and lots of standing water in fields. This park we are in is very soggy and has several trees and branches down. I’m so happy to see the snow finally go, it’s been on the ground for two weeks.


Ryan spotting the heron.


Lately We’ve been so interested in bird watching. I’m not sure if it’s just that we’re getting older or having fun discovering something new, possibly both.



American White Pelicans 


These birds are one of the largest in North America, with a 9 ft wingspan.

These photos aren’t my best, but they do show off the black under their wings. When they are sitting in the water with their wings tucked in, it’s really hard to see.

We were at the dam for an hour, then we cleaned up for Joey’s basketball tournament. They won their first game and play again tomorrow at noon!🥳

On a side note, I ordered my first pair of progressive lenses this weekend, and baked bran muffins. 🤓 Does that sound like a grandma or what?! (But I’m not a grandma yet!) The glasses definitely make me feel my age.

For the past year, in the mornings I have been wearing my reading glasses over my regular glasses. Has anyone else done this? My kids think I look hilarious, but it’s the only way I can read in the morning.


Very yummy bran muffins. I doubt my kids will touch them! 😆

Now we are on the couch for an evening of basketball. My parents are usually watching games with us, but they are at the coast camping. I’m missing them and our campsite tonight but we will be back there next weekend!

And that sums up our fun Saturday!

What did you do today? What are your weekend plans? How’s your weather holding up in your area?


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  1. It’s time for the pelicans to come home to Montana, but they are smart to wait awhile. We had more snowfall this morning. But, it was a beautiful, blue sky, warm (almost 40 degree) afternoon! Lots of snow melting. I stayed in after going out to meet my granddaughter and her hubby and my great-grandson for lunch … followed by a visit to a dear friend in the hospital. Tomorrow we get to start up again with our little Church School class of pre-school through first graders before church. The pianist s sick, so I’ll accompany the hymns on my accordion during worship service. Never a dull moment. Dear neighbors (back from their6 months of winter respite in CA) will come over for dinner in the late afternoon. Nice to have them back in the “hood.”

  2. I haven’t been able to get new glasses in 14 years. Some days I have to lift the up, tilt my head, and look out the bottom of them to be able to see something clearly. Pretty funny I guess. Love the pics 😀

  3. Ha! My sister has worn 2 pairs of glasses on her head for years…one for reading and one for sight. To much amusement from her family. So you are not alone there. This weekend we are off in our van to Oxford and then Southampton. Great to be camping again….even if it was just a pub car park last night!

  4. When we get to go to the coast, birdwatching is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve seen and photographed Roseate Spoonbills, brown pelicans, great herons and many more sea birds. Of course, where we used to live was right close to the ocean and before that our favorite vacation spot, Port Aransas, was home to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. I can’t wait until my husband can retire so we can move down there and I can birdwatch all the time!

    • Oh that sounds lovely! I’ve never seen a spoonbill in the wild. They sure are unique looking! How long till he can retire?

      • Who knows? We’ve been on the “5” year plan for over 20 years, lol. Some days I think it’s never going to happen, so that makes vacation so very special. That is why I’m so excited to be planning a trip to the east coast this year, it will be something new for us and maybe we will fall in love with a different place!

      • I’m excited for you, I hope it all works out! We don’t have any big plans this summer. Just camping in our normal spots really. But our 2 week trip we take in July is going to be really fun! Last year when we went I didn’t have my camera.

    • Thank you! I am sitting here with my tea and a muffin contemplating going to see the birds again this morning… but it’s only 27’ outside and that’s a bit cold for me..

  5. If bird watching is for old people, I’ve been old all my life…

    Can I have a muffin?

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