Book Review~ We Are Not From Here, #NetGalley

Author: Geoff Rodkey 7840D4BF-5992-4A75-B525-CEEC6059405F.png

Genre: middle grade,

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Pub Date: March 5, 2019

Rating:  🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏


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My Review

This was a great sci-fi middle grade adventure!

Planet earth is no longer inhabitable so a group of a few thousand recolonize on Mars, but that wasn’t working out either! As things are getting worse on Mars they get an invitation to come to Planet Choom. Off they go to Choom, their last hope of survival and a 20 year trip.. When they get there they discover that Choom’s government has changed their mind on the invitation and wants them to leave. But they have nowhere else to go!

What are they supposed to do now? The government allows one family unit to stay as a trial run, Lan, Ila and their parents.

On Choom they are the aliens and the people of Choom are a mixed race of very different looking beings. With their emotions being expressed through odor, Lan and Ila are able to learn what these beings like and dislike. But can they learn enough to convince this government to let them stay, or do they have to go another route?

This was such a fun and unique story, Rodkey has a great imagination! If you enjoy middle grade sci-fi, then definitely check out We Are Not From Here!

Thank you to Random House Children’s Publishing and NetGalley for this advanced copy!

Geoff Rodkey is the best selling author of The Tapper Twins Series…


Happy Reading Friends!❤️ What are you reading this week? Has your family read any of this series?



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