Wordless Wednesday,



Very large surf this week.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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    • Thank you! This was taken by my mom on her first trip after retirement. She sent it to me yesterday!

      • They’re great shots!! I love birds, and that eagle looks so regal (rhyme not intended 😂). Show me anything with birds in it and I’m in. Blue Jays are my favorite because their plumage is so stunning. And I love that shrill “Jay” sound they make. I think I mentioned my love of birds before, but I never get tired of talking about how much I love them. 🥰
        Your mom is already putting her retirement to good use. 😉

      • Thank you so much! I do agree! I love birds more and more all he time… I can’t wait for the weekend, we will be having some decent weather and I hope to spot some birds myself! Have a wonderful day!

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