Book Review~ Truman the Dog,

Author: Debbie Michiko FlorenceFDE5CDAF-9697-4D98-A156-A291C2D1D5D3.png

Genre: children’s, chapter books

Publisher: Capstone

Pub Date: August 1, 2019

Rating: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶


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Description: “T” is for Truman, tricks, and TROUBLE! Truman the black lab might be an older rescue dog, but he’s still got enough mischief beneath his collar to keep eight-year-old Kaita Takano and her animal-fostering family on their toes from morning till night. Chewed through and through, the playfully illustrated, Kaita-narrated chapter book promises plenty of canine fun.


My Review:

This is a great new addition to the series My Furry Foster Family. Designed for children 5-7 years old it’s great little beginner chapter book about fostering a dog named Truman. 8 year old Kaita has her hands full with Truman as he gets into lots of trouble at her house. D6F50350-5F20-4B33-ABEC-1AFA7ACAC984.png
I enjoyed reading this younger reader and think children at the right reading level will enjoy it also. I appreciate the series and would like to introduce my 8 year old to it. He would love to read about being a foster family to a pet in need of a home. A very sweet story with delightful illustrations!

Here are the other titles in the series:


These 4 books will all be released August 1st, 2019. I’m positive my son Jayden will love this series and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Author Bio:

Debbi Michiko Florence writes books for children in her writing studio, The Word Nest. She is an animal lover with a degree in Zoology, and has worked at a pet store, the Humane Society, a raptor rehabilitation center, and a zoo. She is the author of two chapter-book series: Jasmine Toguchi (FSG) and Dorothy & Toto (Picture Window Books). A third-generation Japanese American and a native Californian, Debbi now lives in Connecticut with her husband, a rescue dog, a bunny, and two ducks.

Illustrator Bio:

Melanie is an American artist born and raised in Plymouth, Michigan. She has been drawing since she was a little girl. Back then, her favorite canvas was pavement and her go to medium was sidewalk chalk. Nowadays, Melanie likes create artwork digitally but also enjoys using watercolor, markers, colored pencils, and acrylic paint. Oh, and sometimes a pinch of glitter too! Melanie is a 2013 graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where she earned a BFA in Illustration. The Michigan-native has since relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in illustration and design.

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