Our Anniversary Weekend

We spent our anniversary weekend at our campsite on the Oregon Coast. Lots of hiking, animal spotting, campfires and family time. We spotted 2 river otters, 2 bald eagles, 2 muskrats, 2 deer and a snake this weekend. 😁 81E202D2-326B-4B1D-8DAE-BD8D05517158


Joey spotted this deer



Pair of sea otters swimming along the embankment. Hard to photograph 


On our anniversary (Friday) we had a bottle of wine and dinner with my parents by the campfire.

I apologize for not being on this weekend. I had a long week with finishing up our taxes and having my licensing renewal inspection, and I’ve needed to take a break for a few days.

Ryan and I had a wonderful dinner, just the two of us, the night before our anniversary.

We married 5 years ago March 15, on a windy, rocky beach in Yachats, Oregon. It was definitely a stressful day, but we’ve had so much fun together since that day! ❤️

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! What have you been up to?


Saying our vows, March 15, 2014. I didn’t invite any family when we married. Somehow my mother found where we were and secretly took this photo. 😳


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    • She took many, many photos while we were there and I never saw her or her best friend. But I can picture them giggling and sneaking around the hotel. It wasn’t until we had flowers and champagne delivered to our room that we realized we weren’t alone. Haha 🤣

  1. you are great lana and so was your weekend anniversary. love, hug and congratulations to you.
    Great pictures too!

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Family campsite meal looks very impressive….complete with candles.
    As for your Mom , she’s a treasure, a woman after my own heart. How fabulous that she took secret photos that will help keep your memories fresh of that wonderful day.

    • My mother is amazing! Although I was a bit frustrated at the time. Lol now I am grateful she was there. 😁 her words…”you can’t tell me I can’t be at my daughter’s wedding. It’s my daughter!” Lol she is a tad bratty. 😂

  3. Congratulations, Lana. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Loved the pictures so much. Thanks for sharing and hope you have many more beautiful years together. ☺️

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love the setting. Live your mom! I’d a done that same thing to my daughter if she’d tried to sneak off and get married without me!

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