South Jetty Road Closed

South Jetty

From our campsite just south of Florence it’s about a mile to the first beach access. The road then parallel’s the beach heading north for a few miles to the jetty. At the end of the jetty road is a gravel parking lot where I will read, photograph the seals, and feed the squirrels while Ryan’s catches a few waves. It’s a great spot!

Unfortunately it’s been closed for the past few weeks at the third beach access point, so you can’t drive to the parking lot. If your planning a beach trip over spring break, I would suggest either sticking with the north jetty access or bring everyone’s bike! This road is great for a family bike ride down to the jetty and it’s very quiet once you get there.

Yesterday we parked with my parents and walked the closed road and enjoyed a quiet beach at our destination.



The road is just built on a sand dune that’s washing out from under it.

It was probably a mile walk on this closed road till we found a quiet beach on the bay side. The dogs had a wonderful time, Jayden found some shells for his hermit crabs and Joey was busy identifying birds.



Coco is a total water dog! She will play in the breaking waves until she can’t walk anymore. Rio is more of an indoor girl, but she was a trooper Sunday. Usually if Rio gets wet at all she wants to be held.


We were hoping to spot some wildlife on our walk, but despite all the tracks my dad saw, we didn’t see anything. This is usually the case though when we bring doggies.😳

Did you venture out on any hikes this weekend? What was your weekend like?


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      • Years of dislocations and arthritis have ruined it and I need some kind of surgery. Recently, I had a stem cell injection, which may have worked some but then the dr had me try home exercises which aggravated it again and now I can’t walk without wearing a brace. Currently waiting on a specific MRI to see which surgery he’s going to do (a new doctor) but the insurance denied it, so I’m waiting on them to fight it out and allow me to have it. 😫

      • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like a slow and annoying process! I’ll think good thoughts for you. At least you are able to walk on it with a brace…
        I have issues with my hips a bit. I walked more than I’m used to this weekend both days, so I’m sore this morning. 🙄

      • Yeah, me too, my left one goes out a lot, I spent my birthday (March 12) in a chair all day. So sorry yours bother you too, sounds like we both need a good chiropractor!

      • Wow, great minds think a like! Ryan got me the same thing for my anniversary! I’ve never had a massage before though so I’m not sure what to think of it.

    • Ya I guess it almost does, huh! It’s been closed for weeks, and they haven’t even started on repairs yet.

  1. Wow! That almost almost looks like a sink hole. The beach looks so lovely. Enjoy your week! 😉 Sorry if you get two comments– they won’t go through from the site outside of the reader?

    • Hmm… I do get two comments from you. I don’t mind, but I wonder if it’s an error on my side? Strange…
      You enjoy your week too!👍🏻😁

  2. No hiking, but we drove the 200 mile round trip to Anaconda to get our grandson and his friend for their first “leave” in 6 weeks. Then we took the 120 mile round trip to Bozeman with them Saturday for them to pick up much needed items. In the midst of all that, I prepared a corned beef meal for St. Pat’s fellowship after church Sunday (about 25 or 30 of us). As you can see, it was a busy weekend. Yours looked more FUN!

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