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    • Thank you, but I didn’t take this one. My mom did! She’s the one with the amazing photos! She just lets me share them on my blog! 😉

      • What do you have? I have a panasonic lumix GX9. It is the only weight I could carry with my muscle disease. All of the canons and others were too heavy for me. Mine is only 1 1/2 lbs with a 100-400 zoom lens on it

      • It’s a canon rebel T6. It is heavy and I can’t let it hang from around my neck or it bothers my neck quite a bit. But it sure beats just taking pictures with my iPad.

      • I was so excited to get a camera and not take photos with my ipad. I have a monopod and I rest it on the seat of my scooter so it’s a pretty good set up.
        I can imagine letting that weight around your neck really hurting you.

      • That sounds good! I bet that helps keep a steadier shot too. I am too wiggly.

      • My tremor SUCKS and makes it impossible really. If Ijust try and hold it then it is all blurry even though I have a stabilizer on the camera and lens and videos make you seasick so the monopod helps me. Tripods are too cumbersome to take out but I do use on on my back porch for the owls

      • I didn’t know what it was called but I think that’s what I have too! Just like a stick right?

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