Happy Spring Break Friday

Finally Spring is Here again!

We have been camping all through this past winter with our hybrid trailer, and I am so glad that warmer weather and longer days are just around the corner. When the beds are open it’s been hard keeping the trailer warm. If your not familiar with hybrids, it’s basically a combination of a travel trailer and a tent trailer.


These beds open up a lot of space, but the canvas doesn’t keep in the heat.

I also miss all the animals we enjoyed last summer, that have been missing at camp. Hopefully this week we will spot some new animals! Spring break always marks the whale migration returning to Alaskan waters from Baja, so for sure we will take a drive up the coast to Depoe Bay to see if we can get some good whale shots.


 Last summer near Otter Rock. This Gray was heading south a bit late. 

I also plan to sit by the fire and do some reading! I have my Greg Iles book that I have been dying to read and a few books to review.

Since the jetty Road is still closed we are bringing everyone’s bike so we can ride down there to the water. My favorite spot for watching the seals and reading a few chapters. The waves are too big this weekend for surfing so we will just be hiking and watching for critters.


I am hoping our campsite will be a bit more dried out. Last weekend it was still pretty flooded.

This has been our wet camp all winter. Lots of water and mud in the campsite which makes it hard to keep the boys and doggies out of it.

What are your plans for the week? Any crazy Spring Break 2019 plans?!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great spring break!🔥



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  1. Every day is break time for us fortunate retired folk. But SPRING break, ah – that’s another story. We saw the first spring sign yesterday: a robin in our tree that’s covered in red berries. No leaves budding yet to block our view. But, they’re coming!

  2. Have a great week, looks like a lot of fun, i”m sick of being cooped up inside the house or work. I am longing for a beach trip yet time has not been on our side lately. The robins and bluejays have been around here for a couple of weeks now and the trees are blossoming and or budding out. Grass is greening up and I wish I could dig in the dirt. Stupid knee! Someday after I get it fixed, I’ll hopefully be able to garden again!

  3. Your hybrid trailer looks fantastic. I have never seen anything like it in Europe. My friend has a folding camper which is sort of like a trailer tent . I can see that in winter your bedrooms will be cold….just like sleeping under canvas but in summer on hot nights they will be well ventilated.
    How lucky you are to see the huge variety of wildlife…sea, land and air at your campsite. I just love your photos of them. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Our trailer works for us for the time being, our Yukon can’t pull much more and it is very light weight for the space. Just a bummer in bad weather.
      Thank you, I enjoy reading your posts and going through your photos too! I want to dig through some old photos and make some throwback posts like you’ve created!
      Hopefully we have decent weather this week… Have a great Friday!

  4. I’m finally on spring break too! We are going home to California for the week, but it’s supposed to rain all week so probably won’t be able to enjoy any nice weather or go camping until we get back to Oregon ☹️ I hope you have a super fun spring break!

    • Thanks Macy! Enjoy yours too! Hopefully a few sunny days at least…that’s what I’m hoping for.

  5. Our Spring break starts mid April. We are still solidifying our plans. You guys look like you are having fun though. Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for the tip about the hybrid camper.

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