A new addition to our tank

Our salt water tank has adjusted nicely to the fish we bought two weeks ago, so we got a few more this morning. It was a hard decision, but we went with these cleaner shrimp.


Cleaner Shrimp

The same shrimp as the one on Finding Nemo. We got two of these little fellas. They will actually eat the parasites or worms off the other fish in the tank.



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    • I’ve done it years ago but didn’t really have a big one. This tank I’ve just switched to salt water a month ago. It does take a bit more effort. Temperatures, salinity, lighting and ph levels have to stay more constant and some fish and coral can be a bit sensitive. But so far we have fairly easy fish…
      I work at home so it’s something I can make time for.

      • Youre doing a great job. Tank looks good. Sounds like too much work, I dont think I can do that with the kind of job I have. I also noticed corals and saltwater fish are pricey.

      • Thanks! They sure can be! We’ve found Petco has salt water fish and they seem to be much more affordable than the fancier fish store in town…even so there is are anemones and coral that are about $50 each! Yikes! I will have to upgrade our lighting and make sure I don’t kill anything first before I invest that kind of money. Lol

      • I totally get you. I saw some anemones costing $75 and they are like 2 inches in size. Also i fell in love with the saltwater seahorse 🙂

      • For sure! Love the sea horses too! I’ve seen lots of coral or anemones that are so tiny I’d be afraid I’d kill it! Lol Especially if they cost THAT much! Petco does have a puffer that looks amazing for $50! Maybe they will put him on sale one day. Haha

      • We have one chocolate chip starfish. Thankfully he was only $10! Lol I love watching him!

    • Thanks Laci, I keep forgetting to get a poster for the back so all my cords don’t show.. it’s getting better little by little.

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