I am Starting Nutrisystem Sunday!

I’ve never tried Nutrisystem before

I am excited to give this weight loss program a shot, and help me get back on track!  The package of dry meals and snacks showed up on schedule today! I got everything in the mail today except for the frozen portion, which will arrive next week, so I will be starting tomorrow morning!


How the program works

If you haven’t tried Nutrisystem before it has some similarities to Weight Watchers with the biggest differences, meals are included, no weekly meetings, and unfortunately it’s more expensive. I ordered a vegetarian plan and it was roughly $300 for a month of meals. It does offer a paper meal tracker or app called NuMi to track your progress online.

In your first box you have a Fresh Start Week One box. This has everything you need for the first week of meals. During the first week you will have a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks, one snack being a probiotic shake. You also supplement the kit with at least 4 non-starchy vegetables and at least 64 ounces of water.



Fresh Start Week One Meals

After the first week

You add in one of your own snacks each day, after the first week and will have a flexible plan to incorporate some of our own meals. Ive read they have plenty of examples and recipes online at But I haven’t got that far yet.


The entire package minus frozen meals.

The one thing that is going to be difficult for me is the portion sizes. During the first week some days at lunch I only get a protein bar! But I am hoping after the first month it will curb my appetite a bit!

Have you tried this program? Were you successful at it? Did you like the meals? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I will post updates as I go… I am a bit nervous, Wish me luck!😳🥳


Here is my before photo! 😳 Coco’s before photo too… lol


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  1. I LOVE Nutrisystem and it worked for me and my husband. I would do it again, except I became gluten intolerant and Nutrisystem does not accommodate this allergy. 🙁 Good luck, Lana! I hope you like the program. It incorporates fresh fruits and veggies, so I really liked that, too!!! Keep us posted on your progress!!!

    • That’s great to hear! I am excited! Portions are my biggest issue so I am hoping this will really get me back on track!

    • Thank you! I just have gained a few pounds in the last two years. If I can lose 20-30 pounds I will be much happier with my body! Today is day one! 😳

  2. Good luck! My husband tried Nutrisystem. I think I would do well on it, but he is so into presentation and the whole food experience from start to finish, he burnt out pretty fast. I hope you are wildly successful!

    • Awe… thanks! I hope I can stick with it and be successful. My issue will be making myself the priority because it is spendy. But I am excited! Thanks for sharing that with me!

  3. Good luck, it’s never easy to lose weight or to stick to a plan but this might be the one for you as it is all set out. Me and my daughter have been going to Slimming World and have both lost 2 stones….28llbs. It has been hard work….but the weekly meetings have been hilarious!

    • That’s awesome! It’s always easier when you have support from family or friends. I have a few of the moms I work with that will weigh in with me each week when they bring their kiddos. We are all three doing different plans so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

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