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    • Thank you! This was his first party with friends from his school. He was super happy! He has 11 kids in his all inclusive class, and over half of them came. He said it was the best day ever!🥰🥳

    • For sure! Especially for an introvert! I’m not a party coordinator at all, so it was definitely exhausting! Lol

    • Thanks! It’s a super cool mask, but it makes so much noise! I had to tell him in his room or outside with the mask! Lol

      • It makes noise?! Reminds me of the infamous Chewbacca mask. I don’t blame you, haha I’ve long ago started to dislike anything battery operated. There always seem to be two settings on those things, loud and louder 😳🤣

      • Yes! It has a chin strip that is connected to the noise maker so if you open your jaw a little bit it growls and if you open your mouth all the way it roars. Super fun mask as long as your not the parent. Lol 😂

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