Saturday Morning Breakfast


With our morning coffee we drove down to the North Jetty and watched this lil fisherman catch his fill for breakfast.


Quite the fishermen and diver, these birds are fun to watch! Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Saturday friends!


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      • I don’t know many shore birds.. but every time I think I’m getting good with the inland birds around here, some come along and humble me.

      • It’s not easy… it’s something I really want to learn more about. I want to be able to tell my kids what birds we see.

      • It’s a never ending thing. Birds are on my list and then there’s reptiles and amphibians!

      • Exactly. I just want to know it all… but then who likes a “ know-it-all” right? Lol

      • Feelin silly… it’s winding down to the end of our vacation, we’re sitting by the fire. And ya know what, I DONT WANT To GO HOME! 😩

      • Oh I know that feeling.. I went out in the woods a while today. It’s always getting harder to come back..

      • For sure. I think as long as I had the internet, books and my family, I could live in the middle of nowhere…

      • Coffee! Never forget the coffee!

        The Lord and coffee, I’m ready for the day!

      • I quit drinking coffee a few months ago, but I wouldn’t think of not having coffee for Ryan. He might turn into a grizzly bear without his coffee… and beer. Lol

      • I do miss it, but I have had some tummy problems. 😕 now Im drinking just chai and green tea.

      • I don’t judge you for it. Green tea is another favorite! And some Earl Grey..

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