Sea Lion Caves

One of the popular tourist attractions along the central Oregon coast is Sea Lion Caves. This is the largest coastal cave in the United States and home to hundreds of Sea lions, and birds.

The view from above the caves is spectacular as well. A great spot for viewing other seals, migrating gray whales and an occasional pod of orcas.


Unfortunately it’s been a cloudy week with occasional showers here and there. I came down with a head cold the day we got here and now Joey isn’t feeling so great. But that’s just all part of vacation, sometimes everything is simply amazing… and other times we just can’t seem to catch a break.

When you first get out of the elevator in the cave, the first thing you notice is the noise. For some reason all the seals barking in the cave seems to make this eerie undead sound that really creeped me and Joey out. It could just be that I read too many books and Joey plays too many video games… Jayden and Ryan didn’t think anything of the noise.





I love this one! ❤️



There was a Peregrine Falcon in the cave but unfortunately I couldn’t get a good shot through the ropes.


Coast Guard flew by 


Ryan tried his best to get us all in this shot… 🙄


Boys were super excited!


Have you been here? Thanks for stopping by!


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    • Thank you! I am feeling better thanks, but now Joey has my cold. Just the way it goes sometimes… 😊

  1. I really loved this coastal cave and other sea views. I also loved your photo with your two sons. Loved your son’s dancing photoI really enjoyed your post and all beautiful pictures.
    Thumps up to you Lana!

    • Thanks for stopping by Allen. I love Newport too! Sea Lion Caves is about 45 minutes south of Newport.

      • I have been doing good.

        Taking care of my elderly Dad is kinda tough but my sister and brother in law are helping me.

        He’s so bored and lonely with out Mom around anymore.

        Thanks for your comment and I hope everything is well with you.

      • I’m glad your doing well, I’m sorry your dad is struggling without your mom. I can’t even imagine going through that. Good to hear your siblings are helping out. 😊

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