Throwback post… Happy Birthday Ryan!


🎂 Happy Birthday To You Ryan..

Today is my husband Ryan’s birthday, and I’ve been thinking of a post to highlight our relationship in some way. For those of you that know us or follow our blog, you know Ryan and I work together, running our home daycare. When your married and you run a business with your spouse you have to have a really, really great relationship, and we do…

However(lol), we do have a few differences I find at times, funny(but not always). Usually we joke about all our quirky ways. I thought you might enjoy hearing our stories and maybe you can share your odd couple stories with us too. So here it goes…


Anxiety/It’s Fine

Lana. I do suffer from a decent amount of anxiety. I worry about the budget, our business, the house, our children and most of these responsibilities weigh on me. I will be the first to admit I worry more than I should. I know its not only not productive but it’s not healthy either. Ryan does a lot here, but making sure things get done is something I usually worry about solely.

Ryan. He has a saying that everyone that knows him has heard many times,”It’s fine….” He has the complete stereotypical surfer attitude. He doesn’t worry about money, food in the house, vacation plans, natural disasters or locking the house at night. He somehow manages through life with this amazingly, low stress attitude. This probably even makes him more likable, I can admit that this is true.


💡 Lighting

This seems like an odd thing to even write about, lighting, but its a daily struggle.

Ryan. He wants flood lighting in our living room, enough for to interrogate a hard criminal.

Lana. I suffer from light sensitivity and prefer soft, accent lighting, especially when I have a headache.

So many times throughout the day we will both be flicking on and off the lights. We are sweet of course, we won’t do it while were in the same room, but once we go to a different part of the house… click.


🥫Grocery Shopping

Lana. I am a bit obsessive about keeping a houseful of groceries. It goes hand in hand with my need to be prepared for any type of emergency for my family or daycare. If you looked in my house right now we could survive for well over a month on what is here in the house, and that includes water, coffee, etc…


Ryan. If we still have some, we don’t need to buy it. It’s that simple.


🎶 Music/TV

Lana. I really enjoy my peace and quiet. If I am home alone it wouldn’t be unusual to spend it in total silence, reading, writing or working on some project.

Ryan. He adores music, and always has a song playing in his head, it may even be a preschool song, “Baby Shark…” And he will hmmm or sing it for days. When he isn’t humming or singing, he is watching tv. We watch sports mainly, news, and travel shows too. I can be found sitting by him reading or writing while he gets his tv fix.


We are The Grasshopper and the Ant. I am storing food away from winter, while Ryan is dancing and playing his fiddle(We have a running joke about this). He was the economic major while I was pursuing a psychology degree. He prefers to show his affection most mornings, I prefer romance at night… I could go on and on about our odd couple ways.

I know to some degree all couples are different, and we do cherish each other. We wouldn’t change our relationship for anything. Sometimes, all you can do is just laugh. We hope you reach out to us and share your quirky relationship stories, we’d love to read them. 😬

Thanks for stopping by…


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  1. Happy Birthday to Ryan. The “Its Fine” thing seems to be a man thing. Whenever I say it, it drives my Patty wild. She wants varying levels of qualification of “Its Fine”.

  2. Happy Birthday 🎊Lots of love 💕You two are too cute ☺️ I work with my husband too and yes, you’re right…you have to have a great relationship and know each other very well 💕😊 I wouldn’t change it either. I simply love it 💕

  3. It’s good to have differences. My husband and I are quite different. He says I have a butterfly mind and can’t stick to just the topic in hand I feel he is straitjacketed by almost a tunnel vision and can only look at one thing or subject at a time. So if I am cleaning the kitchen I will be doing all sorts of jobs in there at the same time while he will need to fully complete them one at a time. Think I irritate the hell out of him…especially in conversations as I will dive off at a tangent…

  4. Happy Birthday Mr.Ryan! I enjoyed reading your post. You guys have wonderful, loving and fun dynamics. I’m like your husband and you are like my husband personality wise. 🙂 🙂

  5. Many happy returns to Ryan! This is really a brilliant description of both of you! Honestly,I love both of you for what you are.
    Loved this post,Lana!
    wish you also all the best in life!

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