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    • Good morning to you! 🌞 thanks! It was relaxing! I think we got 3 inches of rain over the weekend! How about your weekend?

      • It went well mostly. My son got sick yesterday… hopefully better today.

      • Awe, I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully he’s feeling better this morning! 🤗

      • He seems to be doing well with a little sleep. Better than me… I could sleep for a good 12 hours..

      • Oh no! I hate starting out the week that sleep deprived. I hope you get some rest. Glad he is feeling a bit better. 🤗🤗

      • Lana.. before my son, I could sleep till 10-11 am… now I sleep when given the chance lol!! I know you can relate!

      • Yes I do! I’m lucky though now, both my boys are older and good sleepers. Unless their sick of course. But now I wake up early on person, to read and blog. 😁🌞 But I’m usually in bed by 8.

      • Oh man.. a morning person! I applaud you! There’s no time too late for me to get up lol!

      • Haha… I wish I could sleep in. But I have a few neck issues and if I sleep too long I suffer for it.

  1. I’m a little late for motivation for Monday but these work nicely for Thursday! I love quotes and can use all the motivation I can get! 🙂

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