Book Review~ Surfside Girls (Book 1) The Secret of Danger Point

Author: Kim Dwinell937E2B73-2C6F-4446-9815-A7AEB2154AF9.jpeg

Genre: graphic novel, middle grade

Pub Date: 2017

Rating: 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️


Taken from Goodreads

Things are getting weird in Surfside. Lately, Samantha’s best friend Jade explodes into fits of giggles whenever she sees a boy, and it’s throwing a wrench into the kick-back summer of surfing and hanging out that Sam had planned. But after swimming through a secret underwater cave, Sam starts to… see things. Like ghosts. And pirates. And maybe something even scarier! Can she and Jade get to the bottom of this mystery in time to save their town?


My Review

I have been so excited to find this graphic novel. I love the ocean, surfing, and middle grade graphic novels so it’s a win, win, win! What’s not to love!? The Secret of Danger Point is a fun, quick story of two surfer girls; Jade and Samantha. While hanging out on the beach they come across a cave at Danger Point that is filled with ghosts that need their help.
Danger Point has a development project underway for a new resort which will affect access for locals to the beach. Samantha and Jade work with the ghosts to uncover who the developer is and how to stop the project.
I was really hoping for beautiful surfing artwork to highlight a Southern California beach, and WOW! It sure does! I loved the art and the girls were fun to follow. They were a bit boy crazy but also had a love for the beach. If I had one request I would have loved to see more surfing photos!
I am not disappointed though and I cannot wait to review the next in the series…The Mystery at the Old Rancho(Surfside Girls 2)

About the Author


A3D15F49-DF80-405A-9553-144CEFB597C1Kim Dwinell likes stories more than the beach. Almost. Maybe it’s a tie. She first had a career as a beach lifeguard, and then a career in animation, and now combines her two loves in her first graphic novel series, Surfside Girls. She also teaches Animation at CSU Long Beach. When she’s not in the classroom or at her desk, she might be running a 10K or out on the ocean in her boat or on her board. She lives on a tree-lined street in sunny Southern California with her husband, son and Springer Spaniel.

The next in the series…


This one comes out June 11, 2019!

Have you read Surfside Girls? What’s your favorite graphic novel? Let’s chat about it…

Happy Reading Friends!❤️



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