I found my inspiration Sunday!

I hope you had a Happy Easter!

We didn’t go camping this weekend and we are desperate to get back to it… We have a sick boy at home,  yet we did take a drive to a wildlife preserve today.86FDC97F-29DF-411D-B637-286640EFB870.jpeg

I fell in love with some of the animals we saw. Luckily the weather was very mild so many of the animals were active and easy to see.

Here are some of my favorites…


I loved the bird on the zebra’s back in this one.


These brown bears were super entertaining, wrestling and rolling around maybe 8 feet away from us. 



This was the sweetest deer. We bought some food to feed them and he licked it out of my hand. I loved this fella! 


🤪This one cracks me up!



This hippo was easily only 4 feet away from me, I was really trusting that electric fence between us.😳


Ya gotta love the elephants!❤️ So amazing to watch this family of three. 


This guy gobbled and gobbled at us for quite a while..what a turkey!


I am thinking this is some type of woodpecker but I’m not sure…any ideas? 🤔 


This was my favorite photo I took. A little secret I discovered about Ryan today… he is deathly afraid of emus and ostriches. Ryan swears this bird nearly killed him. 🙄 They do love to stick their head in your window and peck at things. This face is just awesome! ❤️

Thanks for all your support friends! Have a wonderful Monday!


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    • Hahaha…I should have taken a picture of Ryan when the bird stuck his head in the car! I don’t like Caves either! 😁

  1. Wow! How blessed you are to have a preserve like this so close to home! We have deer and antelope roaming our yard again – and the red tail hawks are back in their nest! Spring at last!

    • I’m glad you finally got to spring Jan! Yes we are lucky to have this preserve just a little over an hour away.

      • Very strange! I bought my tickets for Wicked for this summer! It will be in Eugene in August! I’m so excited to see it!

      • I haven’t been to the theatre since Feb. Next plan is Aladdin with my young adult group- 9/11: not going to know until a few months if that will happen. Have to get into their informance first- an email about that isn’t going to come until July or August. So now, do not know when my next visit to the theatre will be

      • I have not been in theatre since Miss Saigon- Feb.

        Hopefully will be Aladdin, which I plan to go with Club Blume, the young adult group I joined last year. They will be going 9/11. Will have to get into their informance- you can’t RSVP until the email is sent about it- which will not be until July or August.

        Every year is different with musicals.

      • I missed Aladdin when it came through… next week I am taking my 11 yr old to the Lightning Thief musical. He’s really excited! He’s read all the Percy Jackson books. Have you seen it?

      • I read the books. The musical came through Charlotte in January, and didn’t see it. I already was going to see Miss Saigon, and the other main musical I wanted to see in the season was Aladdin.

        I am looking forward to Blumenthal’s upcoming season- usually there are one to two musicals I mainly want to see. In the season coming up, which starts after Aladdin, has not one, but four musicals I want to see. Two are repeats and two are not: Les Mis, Anastasia, Wicked, the one that is the highest up, Frozen.

        To describe the upcoming season in one word- I would say strong. It has a musical for everyone: from Les Mis to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Jersey Boys to Once on This Island to Come From Away to Jesus Christ Superstar to My Fair Lady to Anastasia to Spongebob the Musical to Frozen to Wicked- talk about a strong season coming up.

      • Sounds awesome! We have Spongebob and Les Mis next season here too! I’m looking forward to them. I bet Charlie and the Chocolate factory would be so fun!

      • Anastasia and Frozen are the ones I want to get more than the other two- I never saw those before. Never thought that both Les Mis and Wicked would show up in the same season, but they did.

      • I don’t remember the story of Anastasia but my preschool has watched Frozen a lot!

      • I only started listening to Anastasia last year- so if I see it, it will be my first time see the story unfold. I only heard five songs, and not planning to listen to the others in order to be surprised the day of- that is one of the best things about musicals- to discover things while you are watching it; like songs, like characters, etc.

        I have loved Frozen since I watched the animated movie. Ever since I heard it was becoming a stage show, I have been dying to see the stage show. I knew I would have to wait till it tours. When I heard about the tour- I was just hoping Charlotte would be one of its stops in the first year. When I found out, Frozen was coming- I knew it was the top musical I wanted to see in the upcoming year.

      • That so cool! Sounds like it will be a great season! Now I am curious if Anastasia is coming here at all. I don’t remember…

      • I found it interesting that Frozen and Wicked are coming in the same season- they have their parallels- might be why I go so into Frozen in the first place

      • I still have yet to read Wicked so I’m not familiar with the story. I have all of his books on my shelf, I just haven’t read them yet. But I will before August for sure!

      • Wicked the musical and Wicked the book are so so so different from each other. What is more faithful is Les Mis in book and musical. Wicked, on the other hand, is not.

        On short notice: Wicked’s main storyline focuses on the friendship found between Elphaba (AKA the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda. That relationship reminds me so greatly of the sisterhood between Elsa and Anna.

        Elsa and Elphaba are similar to each other- misunderstood, believed to be monsters, and have magical powers they don’t how to control.

        Glinda and Anna share similarities too- outgoing and funny characters.

        Just a short thing saying their parallels

      • One final parallel in Wicked/Frozen is “Let it Go”/”Defying Gravity”- those two songs are literally about the same thing, being true to you are. I believe that is the first parallel I noticed in Frozen.

      • That’s cool. Let it Go has been so overplayed in this house! I can’t wait to hear Defy Gravity.

      • How they created the world of Wicked is spectacular- everything feels, well, OZian- from costumes to set to even names to the songs to the curtain- everything makes you feel like you are in OZ.

      • I can not wait to see it all! I bought tickets the day they went on sale and I’m still sitting a ways back in orchestra… but hopefully they are good seats.
        I like that… Ozian!

      • Well, hopefully by end of May we’ll be over this snowy stuff! Don’t jump ahead too soon, though. Still some April blessings ahead!

      • No bears near our home, thank God! But, once every other year or so a bear is seen in the Ennis area (within 3 – 5 miles of us).

      • Absolutely! Around here if there is a animal to worry about on trails, it would be a cougar. But I’ve never seen one. 🤞🏻

    • I don’t think I’ve read that one, but I’m sure it must have been hilarious!🤣 they are definitely aggressive birds!

  2. Laughing at what you said about your husband’s fear of emus and ostriches. 😂 I’m pretty good at identifying birds, but not sure what that one is either. 🤔
    Love all of the pictures!! 🥰

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