Weekend in Sunriver

I have intended to be blogging all this past week with book reviews and my random posts, yet we had another rough week with illness and a few trips to the dr for our family.

April has been a rough month for our family but I’m feeling good about May and this coming summer! We were lucky enough to find someone to keep our boys for the weekend! They needed a break from us as much as we needed our own little getaway!

We are staying in a different campground than where our trailer is near Florence. We’re in Sunriver, Thousand Trails. This is our favorite campground but it is a 2.5 hour drive from home.

We didn’t take our trailer it’s still in our campsite at the jetty, instead we rented a small cabin.


We have had the best of time together, although once we get away from kids, work and the house we always have fun together! ❤️

Here are some of the awesome animals we saw just today….


We always like to take a drive first thing in the morning with our coffee and look for animals. This coyote was hunting right along our road. Such pretty eyes…



This coyote we saw later in the morning..



We’ve seen this herd of elk for a few years in this same field. So we always come here early in the morning to look for them! I was so excited to see them so close! ❤️ This made my morning!


After leaving the elk we always drive over Harper’s Bridge that goes over the little Deschutes river along the golf course. Sometimes we spot coyotes hunting along the golf course. This morning about 7 am Ryan spotted an otter in the river. We pulled over and I hopped out to see if I could get a photo. What I didn’t anticipate was for him to hop onto the bank and run across the golf course! So cool to watch!❤️



After lunch we took a Nature trail around a pond in Sunriver. As soon as we got on the trial we spotted 2 osprey circling the pond. Sure enough we watched them catch a fish. ❤️


DFC8A3E5-5768-4E8B-85AD-3A0A249B6344At the end of the afternoon we’re talking about our day, after all the animals we’ve seen today, we hadn’t seen ONE deer. Until Ryan looks over and 2 are right behind our cabin.

This was a spectacular day away… We hope your Saturday was as fun as ours! ☀️



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    • Thanks Julia! We’ve really needed this getaway and I couldn’t be happier! Seeing wildlife and just being away from the city fills my bucket! ❤️ 😍

  1. Aaw thanks for sharing your Saturday and your photos. 🙂 Were you live is very beautiful – Mountains, trees, animals and green lush bushes. 🙂 I love your area.

      • I am in South Florida now. 🙂 🙂 I usually order online my freshwater aquarium fish from Portland, Oregon. You have a lovely place.

      • Right on! I love our salt tank we just got going… how big is your tank? We live about 100 miles from Portland.

      • I buy from WetSpot online. I love their fish, they are really healthy compared to the fish I buy from some big chain pet stores, you know who are they. I also buy from some local shops here. I have a 55 for my fish and a 10 for my shrimp.

      • Oh yes, please check them out. They are very popular online. And all the fish that I cant find here in FL I get it from them. The only thing I don’t like about them is the plants are very expensive. But they are amazing.

  2. Would you believe a sunburn is something i’d Actually welcome right now? I’d like to see enough sun to cause a little change in my pale skin! But, that doesn’t keep me from feeling sorry for you. I hope you feel better soon. I love your beautiful photos of all them critters!, 👍🏽♥️🤓

    • You made me laugh Jan! Thanks for you sweet words… I will think good thoughts for sunny days coming your way!☀️

  3. Fantastic photos. Sounds like you needed a good break. I am very jealous that you always get to see such a variety of wildlife. If we were to spot just one otter while we were out and about we would feel honoured….never mind a coyote, elk, deer and an osprey as well! I just love your shot of the deer peering through the trees.

    • Thank you! We feel very fortunate as well! We spotted the elk this morning and 2 more deer, but the elk were a ways off in the distance. Hoping to go on some good hikes today before heading home, maybe see something we haven’t seen before! 🤞🏻

  4. That looks and sounds like a great weekend. 😊

    Your pictures are awesome, we don’t have wildlife here like that, we have a lot of dear but not much else.

    Trying to take pictures with my phone out in the sun is not working very good. I may consider getting a real camera at some point.📸

    Have a super wonderful day.😎

    • I have almost had my camera for a year now. Last summer I was using my iPad to photograph the wildlife and it just wasn’t working… I was surprised, you can get a decent camera with a good zoom for just a few hundred. I hope you get one Mark, you’ll love it! I love mine!

    • It’s My favorite, favorite place to visit in Oregon, but I haven’t been many places. Someday I hope to make it to Montana! ☀️☀️ that’s cool that you’ve been here! On your last trip did you come through Oregon? I remember seeing photos of California….

      • We have relatives in Eugene! Bob’s Sister & her husband and their daughter and her family are there. Tammy Smith is a nurse at one of Eugene’s hospitals. We didn’t make it to Oregon on our last trip, but Bonnie & Stan Hunt visited us in CA and we’re there to help us celebrate Bob’s 80th. I hope you do come to MT someday so we can meet in person, Lana.

      • That would be awesome! 😁👍🏻 That’s cool, I love Eugene. My mom just retired from the hospital, and they’ve been camping for 2 months straight now…

  5. Your pictures are spectacular, Lana!! 😍 I feel like I was watching a nature show. Incredible!!
    Hoping May will be a healthier month for all of us. 😉

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