Bend, Oregon

Hiking Along the Metolius River


On the drive from Sunriver to Sisters Oregon, The North, Middle and South Sister.


We took this 2 mile trail along the Metolius River near Sisters. Just Beautiful…



All weekend we saw so many trees down from our winter storm a few months back.



Metolius River with Black Butte in the background.


Our weekend has come to an end… best time we’ve had in such a long time…

Hope you had a great weekend as well…How did you spend your weekend?


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      • I think mostly weeds! I cultivate a variety of tomatoes for sauce and salads. Green leafy veggies, pumpkin, zucchini, garlic, string beans and so on. My vegetable garden is fenced up. The roe deer and wild boars seem to love fresh veggies. How about you?

      • Oh my, that sounds lovely. This year I am only going to be planting flowers in our garden area due to all the camping we do all summer long. But I do have some cascade hops, strawberries and grapes that come back each year.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love it too… I hadn’t been over the mountains since last summer, I was missing it myself. Heck I’m already miss g it this morning.

  1. I’m glad you were able to get away for a respite in nature. Thanks for sharing. My weekend was wonderful. The highlight was having our sweet little Sunday School kids and their parents over here at our house for a “God Party” after church.

      • No, we had sandwiches and juice and Cheetos and gummy bears and popcorn! These are our 3 to 6 year olds and their wonderful parents! We wanted them to see our sanctuary, meet our TazE, and get to know us a real people outside the church. It was fun!

  2. Beautiful scenery, I love this time of year when you get sparkling days with blue skies and snow is still on the mountains……just like your pictures. Glad you had a great weekend.

    • Me too! I have another post of photos from driving over the pass coming up… bright blue sky with snow capped mountains is just awesome isn’t it!? I want to go camping again right NOW! 🤪

      • I’m chomping at the bit to do some camping.. but bugs are coming quick..

      • I just found this in spam again… I have been so busy lately my blog time has been limited and I had plenty in my spam. I hope you get to camping soon! We have been having an issue with sugar ants lately.

      • Of course! I have missed blogging conversations….but I’ve just been super busy and in need of a WordPress Break! Lol

      • Thank you! It’s good to be back on here! I’ve missed our conversations. We’ve been working so much with our preschool I have literally no time to blog. We have 12 preschoolers enrolled in our program and by the end of our 11 hour day I barely have time to read and have a glass of wine before I’m exhausted!

      • Yes ma’am! I could use more time myself! Work always gets in the way of all my hobbies…

      • It’s a bummer isn’t it!? How is your weekend looking? We were heading to the coast for the weekend but weather changed that for us…. looks like rain all weekend. So we are staying home.

      • Were sunny and heading into summer. It’s going to be in the 90’s tomorrow.

        That just stinks….. 👎🏻

      • That sounds lovely!
        Ya, there was a fun festival too we were planning to attend. Oh well… I am exhausted from the week so a relaxing few days sounds good too.
        I am hoping for summer to start next week…

      • I saw the late summer clouds today. it’s hard to explain them… they just look like it gets so hot that they’re stains in the sky.

        I was really hoping for a long cool/warm spring…

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