Last weekend when we went to Wildlife Safari Jayden was brave enough to ride this camel. He was a bit weirded out at first, but then realized it was a piece of cake!

I cant look at these photos without thinking of the commercial, “Mike, Mike, Mike….what day is it?! HUmP DAY!D9097BD0-3815-4472-A6C2-9D5667B9710FF0508921-BC06-47DC-A37B-20615FDD221B6ED0BDFA-4BB7-4A64-A1AA-9A6DE232BC08


A little uneasy at first…


“Mike, Mike, Mike….”

Have a great HUMP Day friends!


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    • I thought so too! I was surprised he did it. He asked me to go too and I say ummm… no that’s ok. I’ll take your picture instead.

  1. Adventure time! He certainly looks so comfortable after the first few moments of not sure what is going on photo was taken. Way to go Jayden for stepping outside his comfort zone. 🙂

  2. I remember that feeling, Mike. Back in the 80’s, I rode a camel. I was an elem. school principal. We arranged to have a circus tent set up on the playground. Complete with clowns and animals and trapeze artists🤪! The children selected as student of the month from each class got to ride the elephant. I went first to show it was safe. Oh my … some sight in my 3” heels!!

    • Wow…That is an awesome memory! I didn’t know you were a principal. The more I get to know about you Jan the more I like you! Thanks for your comment! 😁

  3. I rode a 2 humped camel some years ago. 🙂 It was pretty scary. lol I was so worried the camel would say, “Enough!” and just take off with me on its back.

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