Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief Musical

We surprised Joey with tickets to the Percy Jackson musical last week. He had read the entire series and I figured he earned it! This was his first musical! It was a great night and I think he enjoyed it! I have only read the first book so Joey got much more of the story than I did. We all got a bit sleepy toward the end, but Joey hung in there.

The performer who played Percy was awesome, reminding me of my oldest son Jordan. If you enjoyed reading this series or have children that like Percy, this was a fun musical for the family.

Now I have to wait around for August for Wicked…

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Have you seen this musical? What is your earliest musical experience? I remember the first time I went with my mom to see Annie. I must have been around 10, I was blown away.

Have a great Monday!


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  1. I don’t know what the earliest musical I saw was.

    I do love the Percy Jackson series, and it came to Charlotte this January. I didn’t see it- it wasn’t one of the top shows I was trying to go to this current season.

    I only know what my earliest memory was- seeing Wicked on Broadway with my mom.

  2. No, I haven’t seen/heard it – but I love your pictures, the retelling of the experience, and your running dialogue with your readers. Fun way to begin my day!

  3. Nice! One of my first published articles was about how to teach using Percy Jackson (The Lightening Thief), so I’m sure this was a treat for you all.

  4. I think my first one was Lion King. My last one was “The Island” 🙂 🙂 in broadway NY. It’s a good experience. I’m waiting for Hamilton here in FL.

      • I hope I will get a discounted ticket with Hamilton cause I dont watch alone, I have to bring my family with me 🙂

      • Those tickets aren’t cheap are they… especially when your taking the whole family! Wow! I usually just go with Ryan. But even two tickets can be crazy spendy depending on your seats. But it’s so fun!

      • That’s true!! One blogger told me there’s a lottery for these tickets. You just have to join the lottery and if you win I think you will have 2 free ones or discounted cant remember exactly. Because one time she posted they watched Hamilton because they won it from the lottery.

      • Interesting…. our tickets for the Lion King and Wicked were around $150 a piece I think, but Percy Jackson was I think more like $50. I’d love to win some!!

      • Wow!! You have a good seat with $150? I think last time we watched in NY i paid around $100 per person, seat is not bad but not the closest. I dont know how to join the lottery 🙂

      • The seat I had for the Lion King was really good. Maybe 10 rows back in orchestra. For Wicked we are more like 15 rows back. But yes I’d say decent seats for sure.

      • Those are good seats. Is wicked good? I love their songs 😉 but not watched it yet, they are pretty big and classic.

      • I haven’t seen it or read the book yet. But I am hoping it’s amazing! It seems to be huge, so crossing my fingers!

      • Depending on the seats and the show. My friend is in UK and my cousin is in Australia they told me ticketd there are way affordable!

      • Thank you! I’ve been a bit distracted lately with work and home, so please don’t take it personally if it takes a bit to get back to you! Hoping to spend a good amount of time on my blog this weekend! Any fun plans for you this weekend? We have a rainy weekend heading our way. 🙄

      • Oh no worries 🙂 i totally understand. I am same as you, i have to run errands and go to work. I will be working on weekend to, so no beach for me this weekend 🙂

      • Oh no, that’s too bad. We had plans for the beach too! In fact there is a festival we planned to go to, but who wants to walk around a festival when it’s raining….🙄 we end up just being cooped up in the trailer. 🤞🏻crossing my fingers for next weekend!

    • You should go if you get the chance… it’s very entertaining and follows the book pretty well!

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