Our Coyote Pup Morning…

We saw these three coyote pups without their mother just before 7 am this morning along the Deschutes River.

Coyotes breed in the winter months and give birth in early spring, usually 4-7 pups. Our best guess is these 3 pups are around 3-4 months old. They weren’t in much of a hurry, which was nice since I fumbled my camera a few times trying to capture them.


This one is my fav! The pup closest has hazel eyes, yet the one behind him has brown. Wish I could have watched them play more…❤️


☀️We see plenty of coyotes and foxes when we’re out in search of wildlife, and I’m always telling Ryan, “I just want to see some pups!” I got my wish this morning….

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  1. Great shots Lana. Always a good day when wildlife walks into your camera zone. Except maybe close ups of Grizzlies and Black Bears. Thanks for sharing. Allan

  2. They really are cute. we have coyote in our area but I have never seen pups. Actually I would rather not because they are a threat to our chickens. I’d prefer just to enjoy your photos. ☺

    • That is something we haven’t seen! The foxes we were seeing last fall along the coast haven’t shown up this spring yet. Not sure where they went… ❤️

    • I know I just loved seeing them! I can’t believe I didn’t scare them away I was so excited! 😆

      • Beautiful!!!! I know I always get so excited I havve to tell myself calm down don’t freak out just calmly photograph. I think they just somehow know that we aren’t threats and just there to admire their beauty

      • We ALL scare the herons and then they always yell as they fly away!!!! I’ve been yelled at by more Great Blue Herons than any other bird! Sometimes the little blue heron yells too. I think I will post the little blue’s transformation. I’ve been following him and it’s really cool

      • Oh my gosh! Yes they do yell at me too! They are so obnoxious! Lol soo funny!

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