Summer Vacation 2019,

Today is day 8 of our camping trip. We have finally got into the 80’s here with 2 days left on our trip. We are having a blast and doing as much as we can fit in each day from brewery tours to kayaking the Deschutes.

We are camping in Central Oregon about 25 minutes south of Bend. We’ve seen about 100 deer, 3 elk, 2 river otters, bald eagles, osprey, mink, coyotes and pups.

We’ve had our share of thunderstorms this past week but they seem to be behind us now as the weather is amazing today! We hope for possibly a night hike this evening and one more float down the river before we pack everything up on Sunday.

We are expecting more company today. My cousin and her family and also my second oldest son Jared will be arriving tonight. Should be a fun campfire with lots of family around!❤️


We’ve probably seen over 150 deer this past 10 days.


Hunting in the wildflowers



These river otters are always fun to watch. The icky water didn’t keep them from being silly otters… 😳


Mt Bachelor


We watched this coyote catch breakfast one morning. I was happy to see him catch something because his front right leg is injured, and he hobbled along a bit. 

It’s now Sunday morning and we are about to start packing up for home. What an awesome trip. We enjoyed every moment we were here.  I can’t wait to come back again!

This trip will always be unique because of the storms we experienced during first part of our trip. It’s strange how so much rain, hail can hit us in a short period of time and then be 80’ the next day. My son Jayden definitely won’t forget the thunder anytime soon.


Thanks for following us on our summer trip. ❤️



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  1. Hello, my name is Adam from ParagonTrails, and I just discovered your blog. Horseback riding at Mt. Bachelor looks amazing, and I love all the wildlife photos. The otters are so cute! I hope you had fun on your trip, and I’m looking forward to seeing more awesome picture!

  2. FUN! I love Central Oregon so much….May be retiring there in a few years! Glad you are having a great trip. River Otters are some of my favorites – great snap of that baby.

    • I love it too! I want to travel more but I just always love my time there.. thanks for stopping by! 😁☀️

    • Thanks Laci! We had a blast! We got really lucky with wildlife viewing.. so much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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