A Sunny Sunday

Ryan and I were lucky enough to have a night away without the boys or dogs and we went to stay in our campsite near the beach. We only have about 2 more months on the site we leased.

Saturday we drove up past Newport to Depoe Bay to whale watch and get a beer at a Rogue Brewery. We saw several whales, including a mom and calf but I didn’t capture anything photo worthy.

This morning was fun. We always head out of camp at first light with coffee in hand to search for critters. I wouldn’t have even spotted this beaver if he hadn’t been making such a racket. He was chewing on a branch or something very crunchy.

Overall we spotted 3 beavers in the lagoon. Unfortunately we didn’t see any otters, foxes or coyotes this trip, maybe next weekend…778210A6-423B-4AFF-AE60-FFBFC54BBBADB1220302-0E43-4811-8296-D89A4250A8317B5E7F4B-5DF3-4713-9E3D-391A5AC20D962BC98A2A-3ADC-4E46-A08A-59CDF924B38F

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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    • Thank you Ravi! We will surely enjoy our weekends in our campsite for the last two months! We will be sad to lose the spot.

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