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Lana Cole

We are a vegan, homeschooling, family that loves setting up most weekends in our tent trailer. We enjoy sitting by the campfire with a cold IPA and our doggies! Whether we are along the coast on a surfing weekend or in the mountains we love finding new local places to explore!

5 Things I Like About Myself

Afternoon bloggers, An awesome blog I follow(A guy called Bloke) has tagged me with this friendly post, and here are the rules… Thank the nominatorā€Ø, Display the picture on your post, ā€ØList 5 things you like about yourself,ā€Ø1 thing must be a physical attributeā€Ø, Tag 3 or more […]

Pack Your Bags, Baby!

Friday morning when I posted last, I didnā€™t have much hope for fun this weekend. I was expecting a Friday after work beer, lunch Saturday at the Beergarden, and to possibly brew some beer with Ryan, and get some new library books and work on our preschool Ā curriculum. […]

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