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1st Monthly Raffle!

September 3rd, is our 6 month blogiversary! I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate and show my appreciation for all your support! Thank you so much everyone!😍 I am giving away some of the books I’ve been reading this summer! There is no required action […]

My Afternoon Off!

After everyone settled in for naptime, Ryan gave me the afternoon off! The best gift, time to myself!💗 Love the family, my husband, our kids, and children in my preschool… but nothing beats my time alone!  I hope you make time for yourself too! So important.. I hit a few […]

4W Wednesday’s!

What is WWWW? It is a weekly post where I recap my week in books! I cover books that I’ve been reading, plan to read and what I’ve been reading to our preschool, usually highlighting a favorite picture book each week… This has been an unusually great week […]

Newbery Award Reviews

Review of Call It Courage and Dear Mr Henshaw As I go through the Newbery winners I’m reviewing my favorite ones that I recommend reading. If you haven’t read my current reading goal you can find it here! Call It Courage Author: Armstrong Sperry Rating:🔥🔥🔥🔥 Storyline: Mafatu has […]

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