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Sunshine Blogger Award!!

We are super excited today to be nominated by Mistella for this Sunshine Blogger Award! Please go and check out some of their poetry, you won’t be disappointed!! Thank you Mistella for thinking of our family blog, we are thrilled!! Here are the rules for being nominated… Thank […]

My First Blog Award

I am super excited to be nominated for this award. As a brand new blogger I see many of these awards going around but didn’t really know how or if one might come my way. Ryan and I started our blog in the beginning of March, so we […]

A Day In My Life

Last night while I was searching for new blogs to follow I came across a great post called, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas. For anyone struggling with writing, check out this post, New Lune has some great ideas. You can find the blog here, New Lune. And […]

5 Things I Like About Myself

Afternoon bloggers, An awesome blog I follow(A guy called Bloke) has tagged me with this friendly post, and here are the rules… Thank the nominator
, Display the picture on your post, 
List 5 things you like about yourself,
1 thing must be a physical attribute
, Tag 3 or more […]

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