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Saturday Market…Eugene, Oregon

What to do on a weekend at home? We just couldn’t decide on what to do today, it was a toss up between picking peaches, the Scandinavian Festival, the Saturday Market or just hanging out at home. Saturday Market it is!! It wasn’t too hot today for the […]

What Are Your Weekend Plans?

Thursday is weekend planning day! Ryan and I usually walk through our day dreaming of what we want to do for the weekend all Thursday. 🤔 It’s the weekend eve after all! Unless we already have reservations, in which case then we start our packing lists. A stay home weekend We […]

1st Outdoor Concert of the Summer

Dinner and drinks 🍻 We started our weekend off with a pint of Modern Times, Avalon IPA and shared a Malaysian curry plate for dinner at the Beergarden. They have some great food carts lots to choose from. Then we were on our way to the Cuthbert for our first […]

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