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A stolen bike…

Joey’s bike was stolen in July A week after we came back from vacation someone stole his bike right from our driveway. He has went the last few weeks without a bike, until today. Ryan and Joe went to pick out a new one. Any one of us not having […]

Top 10 Things We Hate About Summer

It’s hard to actually hate summer, isn’t it? Especially when we spend 9 months of the year waiting for it! We should be completely content and appreciate every remaining sunny day, before the rain sets in, and that’s only a short time away. We will have frosty mornings, […]

Our Sunday Was Peachy

Sunday in Pictures… First thing in the morning for us we headed out to Detering Orchards for corn and peaches! I have been coming to this same farm since I was little, I took my adult boys here too, we pick apples, peaches and get our pumpkins here […]

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