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The Hippie Elitist

Where does a bad light end up? … In prism. This is one of the draws of Florence from our West Eugene home. No, It’s not the surfing… Although my husband swears it calls to him in his sleep. The breaks aren’t too crowded and he always comes […]

Summer Park & Rec

How do you make holy water? … you boil the hell out of it. This past summer Ryan and I decided to sign our family up for some fun water activities through the Eugene’s Park and Recreation.  We weren’t taking a big summer vacation anywhere, but still wanted the […]

The Cole Family

We’re a blended bunch, marrying five years ago, and still figuring things out… We seem to have a knack for finding new ways to define who we are as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. We have grown stronger and more connected with each intentional shift. […]

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