Category: Holidays

The Amazon Box 📦

For the last week straight we have been watching my neighbor’s front porch. She has an Amazon box that’s been sitting there for just as long. Normally Ryan or I would knock on our neighbors door to let them know. However, we haven’t done that in this situation. […]

Day 18~With Millie

Day 18 Millie isn’t very popular with the action figures Day 17 playing in the nursery Day 16 Day 15, Day 14 Fruit Salad… Anyone? Day 13 Checking for letters to Santa.. Day 12 Day 11 Day 10 Snow Angels😇 Day 9 Cruisin’ Day 8 Got a little […]

10 Questions

Today’s 10 questions: 1.You can only watch one television show again for the rest of your life…what do you pick and why? I would watch Saturday Night Live. It always makes me giggle no matter how many times I’ve watched them. Plus if I can only watch one […]

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