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Photography Sunday

Happy Sunday friends! We didn’t get all the photos we wanted but I sure had fun trying…I hope you enjoy! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!💗 Have a great Sunday evening! #colecampfireblog, #weekendsaway, #birds, #wildlife, #oregoncoast, #100daysofcamping, #thousandtrails, #photography, #glamping, #camping

Sidewalk Chalk Contest At Camp

We packed a bunch into our day near Florence… We started out his morning at 6 am searching for wildlife, and we caught a juvenile fox and three beavers. Then we came back to camp feeling pretty accomplished.😎 I just love seeing animals early in the morning, I […]

Who’s ready for the weekend?

We are heading back to the coast for some cooler temperatures this weekend… Maybe an animal sighting if I’m lucky! What are your weekend plans? How will you be beating the heat? We will be staying near the Siltcoos Recreation area on the Oregon Coast, where my parents […]

Top 10 Things We Hate About Summer

It’s hard to actually hate summer, isn’t it? Especially when we spend 9 months of the year waiting for it! We should be completely content and appreciate every remaining sunny day, before the rain sets in, and that’s only a short time away. We will have frosty mornings, […]

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