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📚WWW Wednesday’s

📚Here’s to a new week of reading… What has been on your reading list this past week? Have the pages been flying by? The more I dig into your book reviews, the quicker my current read keeps moving past me faster than ever! That is pretty cool for […]

The Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag!

I just read this tag from Miss Littlewood Reads and it looked so fun…I put the reader down and opened this new post! Just like any scavenger hunt, the idea is to find specific items, or in this case, books, in your home. Super simple, but also kind of […]

🌞Good Morning Bloggers

☀️Sunday Morning Sitting in our RV this morning and it’s so nice to be comfortable, read my morning blog posts, sipping on coffee. We’ve definitely paid our dues through the years in tents and tent trailers being cramped in a tiny space, and often times cold and in […]

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