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A Day In The Life Of 2 Vegans

Ryan and I thought maybe it might be interesting (for some😬) to see what we eat in a typical day as a vegan couple. We have been eating a 🌱vegan diet, or mostly a Whole Foods plant based diet for a little over 2 years now. Either way […]

Cheap Vegan🌱Pea Soup

When the topic of being vegan comes up around friends and family, often what we hear is… we can’t afford to be vegan, what can you eat? and I wouldn’t even know what to cook.  Thats what’s inspired me to add some of our most basic, affordable meals that we […]

Easy Peasy Quinoa Salad🌱

One more simple recipe for a new vegan family… This is our second favorite vegan recipe that Ryan and I make next to our chili, especially in the summer. We will whip up a big batch of this salad and feast on the leftovers all week. The other reason […]

Beginner Vegan🌱Chili

There are several reasons I love this recipe! It’s cheap, quick and easy to make, and also a wholesome and filling vegan meal! All the ingredients I use are things I always keep in my home. You probably have them too, so it doesn’t take a lot of planning […]