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Trouble Shooting In The RV

No Heat! It is Sunday Morning at 5 am, and we are freezing our buns off in the RV! We made it through the first few days on your first tank of propane. Ryan thought we knew what to do to switch tanks but it is not working […]

A Day In The Life Of 2 Vegans

Ryan and I thought maybe it might be interesting (for some😬) to see what we eat in a typical day as a vegan couple. We have been eating a 🌱vegan diet, or mostly a Whole Foods plant based diet for a little over 2 years now. Either way […]

Cheap Vegan🌱Pea Soup

When the topic of being vegan comes up around friends and family, often what we hear is… we can’t afford to be vegan, what can you eat? and I wouldn’t even know what to cook.  Thats what’s inspired me to add some of our most basic, affordable meals that we […]

Walking The Trails & Soaking In The Hot Spring

Saturday morning we had our coffee and headed down the highway to Takoda’s Restaurant. In smaller towns, especially up in the mountains, Ryan and I always have a hard time finding vegan options. Sometimes I swear the waitress/waiters are lookin’ at us like we’re a couple of crazy hippies.🤪✌🏻 […]

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