A New Family Pet?

My 10 year old son, Joey is homeschooled and has been really interested in having his own pet(specifically a rat). A friend of ours has a pet rat and I’m told they can be quite loyal and smart(for a rat).  We do however, already have 2 dogs, 1 […]

Mystery Blogger Award

I’m honored to be nominated by the one and only Bitchin’ in the Kitchen… She has a hilarious and insightful blog. If you haven’t checked out The Britchy One, go now! She is your over-the-top gf that will say everything that you can’t or won’t say(but your maybe thinkin). […]

WWW Wednesday’s

Good morning! ☀️ I saw this post on the Cozy Pages this morning and thought I’d have fun with the post as well. I’ve really been interested in book blogs lately and if you haven’t seen this one, you should check it out! I’ve finally figured out how to […]

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