Cheap Vegan🌱Pea Soup

When the topic of being vegan comes up around friends and family, often what we hear is… we can’t afford to be vegan, what can you eat? and I wouldn’t even know what to cook.  Thats what’s inspired me to add some of our most basic, affordable meals that we […]

Fay’s Photography

A few weeks ago I started featuring some my mother’s photography on our family blog each Sunday evening. This week my mom(Fay) is highlighting some of her most recent waterfall photos. All of these photos have wowed 😮 me, they’re just beautiful and they show the true beauty of our state(Oregon). I […]

If My Pets Were People…

This morning while I was watching our little yorkie(Rio) hop around pestering everyone with her huge personality. I had a thought…what if Rio was a person? As cute as she is at 8 pounds, I really wouldn’t like her much as a person. I know that sounds mean but […]

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