The Truth About Being Alone

Introverts Need Their Alone Time Introvert- a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external feelings. First let me say, I am rarely ever alone. But that’s sort of how my life is set up, with kids, family and work all taking a piece […]

A Day In My Life

Last night while I was searching for new blogs to follow I came across a great post called, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas. For anyone struggling with writing, check out this post, New Lune has some great ideas. You can find the blog here, New Lune. And […]

More Money

With taxes due this week my thoughts have been focused around money more than usual. Not on taxes specifically but on the idea that we’re supposed to always be in pursuit of  more money. Having a bigger home, newer car, furniture and more elaborate vacations. This doesn’t make me […]

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