More Money

With taxes due this week my thoughts have been focused around money more than usual. Not on taxes specifically but on the idea that we’re supposed to always be in pursuit of  more money. Having a bigger home, newer car, furniture and more elaborate vacations. This doesn’t make me […]

Sunday Photos From Fay

Happy Sunday evening! I’m posting some more of my mother’s awesome coastal photographs. This feature image is one of my favorites! My mom has literally thousands of seagull photos. I’m really excited and proud of her photography. 😊 Thor’s Well and the view from Cape Perpetua Lookout These […]

5 Things I Like About Myself

Afternoon bloggers, An awesome blog I follow(A guy called Bloke) has tagged me with this friendly post, and here are the rules… Thank the nominator
, Display the picture on your post, 
List 5 things you like about yourself,
1 thing must be a physical attribute
, Tag 3 or more […]

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