Beginner Vegan🌱Chili

There are several reasons I love this recipe! It’s cheap, quick and easy to make, and also a wholesome and filling vegan meal! All the ingredients I use are things I always keep in my home. You probably have them too, so it doesn’t take a lot of planning […]

Is It Just Me…?

I’ve never been one to make to big of a deal over writing book reviews on Goodreads. Maybe it’s because I’m too lazy, or maybe its because some of the reviews seem so detailed and thorough compared to what I would write, mine would not be a good […]

Sunday Photos From Fay

  Hey fellow bloggers, happy Sunday evening! My plan is to have tonight and each Sunday evening highlight some of my mother’s favorite photos that she has captured over the last year. She is really awesome with her photography, and I am sure you will enjoy her photos […]

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