Vertical Gardening Project, DIY

Limited Outdoor Space Ryan and I live on a very small piece of property, not even ours in fact. We own our modest, little manufactured home, that sits in a community of others. I would love to have a huge backyard with tons of our own space to […]

My Reading Habits Tag

I came across this book tag from Miss Littlewood Reads, and it seemed like a fun way to share more about myself and my reading habits. I would love it if any of you want to have some fun with answering the questions too! Do you have a […]

Upcoming Weekend Plans

Here Comes The Weekend! Just like clockwork, every Thursday Ryan and I start getting antsy for some fun weekend plans. And we are antsy for the weekend, yet our plans are a bit up in the air. When choosing our RV many of you warned of buying a new one, […]

Here’s to Wednesday evening…

Hope your day went by quickly…it is definitely 🍷 wine/whine Wednesday at our house! I’ve had a rough Wednesday emotionally. I’m struggling a bit with just being a mother lately. I know that seems like an awful thing to say. My adult kids are in their own world and my […]

It’s Wednesday Again… WWW!

📚This week was a busy one… It has been a real crazy week for our family, but with the few extra days off from work this past week, I still managed to finish up what I was reading. Doing this book post each Wednesday really keeps me on […]

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