Our Versatile & Liebster Blogger Award!!

We are super excited to be nominated by two awesome bloggers for these awards. Jay-Lyn Doerkson from The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom nominated us for the Liebster Award, and Padmasandhya from The Soulitary Reaper picked us for the Versatile Blogger Award. These are 2 […]

Sunday Photos (Of Mine)

I’ve been posting my mother’s photography each Sunday and it’s been fun sorting through her photos with her. This Sunday my parents are on vacation in New Mexico. They are so busy I doubt she will send me her pictures for the week. So I am picking a […]

RV Decisions

Ryan and I are 100% sold on wanting to be full time rvers in a few years(maybe more like 6 or 8 years). What we are unsure about is how to get there? Our discussion lately has been over what our next RV should be. We have basically […]