🔥Campfires In May

May is finally here, and what is on our mind? What else? Camping, camping, and more camping! We will be camping every weekend in May starting this weekend at Whaler’s Rest south of Newport. We, of course should be prepping the garden area for planting veggies or spring […]

Fay’s Photography

It’s Sunday again, I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend. I am posting photos from Joseph, Oregon for my mother today. The town of Joseph has the population of 1080, and it’s located at the base of the Wallowa Mountains in the Northeast corner of Oregon. My […]

A New Family Pet?

My 10 year old son, Joey is homeschooled and has been really interested in having his own pet(specifically a rat). A friend of ours has a pet rat and I’m told they can be quite loyal and smart(for a rat).  We do however, already have 2 dogs, 1 […]

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