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4K Twitter/500 WordPress… Blog Party!

I hit both 500 followers on WordPress today and 4,000 followers on Twitter..Soo Exciting!  I am so thankful for everyone that supports our blog, it’s really been sooo fun the last few months. I promised I’d do a blog party when I hit 500! So let’s all grow […]


🌞Good Morning Bloggers

☀️Sunday Morning Sitting in our RV this morning and it’s so nice to be comfortable, read my morning blog posts, sipping on coffee. We’ve definitely paid our dues through the years in tents and tent trailers being cramped in a tiny space, and often times cold and in […]

Our Versatile & Liebster Blogger Award!!

We are super excited to be nominated by two awesome bloggers for these awards. Jay-Lyn Doerkson from The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom nominated us for the Liebster Award, and Padmasandhya from The Soulitary Reaper picked us for the Versatile Blogger Award. These are 2 […]

A Day In My Life

Last night while I was searching for new blogs to follow I came across a great post called, The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas. For anyone struggling with writing, check out this post, New Lune has some great ideas. You can find the blog here, New Lune. And […]

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