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1st Outdoor Concert of the Summer

Dinner and drinks 🍻 We started our weekend off with a pint of Modern Times, Avalon IPA and shared a Malaysian curry plate for dinner at the Beergarden. They have some great food carts lots to choose from. Then we were on our way to the Cuthbert for our first […]


Fay’s Photography Sunday

Oregon’s Diverse Geography It’s Sunday again, time for our photo post! Each Sunday I highlight some of my mother’s photography. I hope you enjoy it… Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for looking. #colecampfireblog, #faysphotograhy, #oregoncoast, #centraloregon,

Hendrick’s Park, Eugene Oregon

In South Eugene, there is an 80 acre park that borders the University of Oregon Campus. The park is world-renowned for its rhododendron gardens, and for 2 weeks of the year, it is simply amazing! Some years Ryan and I make it just a week too late, but […]

What Is Up With Easter?

-Let me first say, this is not a religious post. It is a “me rolling my eyes” on commercialism and the wacky traditions of Easter. What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water?…It’s going to take awhile to get me hard I just got layed by […]

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